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Toronto Immigration Lawyer - Gaval and Law BooksCanada’s immigration department makes around a million decisions every year.  Not all are correct.  Some refusals of immigration and other visas are incorrect, or unfairly made.  In order to determine if a refusal was incorrectly or unfairly made, reference can be had to Chaudhary Law Office, where we have reviewed many hundreds of refusals for assessment of whether or not they can be overturned at other places like the Federal Court of Canada or the Immigration Refugee Board.

The method of Canada’s assessment of visa seekers is becoming more and more centralized.  This shall lead to more standardized decision making, (not to mention simple mistakes such as misplacing parts of a file), and can result in the overlooking of documents leading to a refusal.  Expert representation can assess such errors and determine if they can be overturned either at the managerial level within the immigration department , or at other forums.

Canada’s immigration department is on the lookout for fraudulently issued documents.  This pre-occupation is indulged by background checks such as calls to schools a person has attended, or employers where a person has worked to determine if a job reference letter or educational credential belongs to the person seeking a visa to Canada. Such background checks are made despite the fact that this may jeopardize a person’s employment position. This scrutiny is sometimes made in an unfair way and can result in an improper refusal of immigration.  Such refusals may be overturned at the Federal Court.

Toronto Immigration Lawyer - CourtroomCanada’s immigration system is moving towards work permits and study permits that can create a path to a permanent visa.  Such study visas and work visas are thus very heavily scrutinized to determine real students from fake ones.  The quantity of such study and work visa applicants means that the immigration department shall be prone to making mistakes, or committing errors in procedure such as the lack of due process.

Some more challenging types of applications can include those with a past history of refusal, or other adverse historical interaction with Canada’s immigration department.  Without expert preparation, these applications can be refused.   A professional review of the refusal must be made in order to determine if such complex cases were improperly refused.

Delayed Applications:

Canada’s immigration department has huge backlogs in many permanent resident applications.  This has caused the immigration authorities to completely ignore cases that were filed prior to November 2009.  If your case was one of those filed prior to November 2009 there is no choice but to ask the Federal Court to determine that your case was unfairly delayed, and have the Federal Court order assessment of your case  Otherwise, your case shall likely never, ever be processed.

Time Limits:

The time limit for seeking judicial review can be either 15 or 60 days from the decision’s receipt, depending on the location of the refusing officer.  Accordingly, a consultation in a timely way with Chaudhary Law Office must be made to avoid the loss of the right to seek redress at other places such as the Federal Court

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