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As is well known, Canada is one of the few countries that has a program that accepts immigrants to settle in Canada permanently, often after a period of work or study in Canada.  The Canadian government prefers applicants who can demonstrate that they can integrate into Canadian society and become successfully established.  Canada’s immigration department encourages visa applicants who seek to visit, work or study, but is also sceptical of such applicants whose forms are incomplete, or inconsistent, or wrong.

The immigration department collects an expensive filing fee for each applicant and is indifferent to the financial impact that the payment of such fees can have on a family.  Canada’s immigration department encourages people to apply without a lawyer, as the Canadian government will collect a fee even if the applicant seeking immigration is not successful.  Canada’s immigration department does not at all care about delays in processing that are often due to incomplete or incorrectly filled forms, despite the complexity or vagueness of those forms.  The immigration department’s view of such applications is that they can be refused and the applicant can reapply.

However, a person who reapplies after a refusal of a visa application has a significantly larger burden when attempting to prove that she will comply with Canada’s immigration laws.

Canada’s immigration department is obsessed with efficiency and has accordingly increased the quantity of forms to be completed; often asking repeated questions in different forms, sometimes entrapping unsuspecting applicants.  The forms associated with Canadian immigration can at times be a baffling ordeal for the average layperson.

Canada’s obsession with efficiency often can be seen in refusals which are carried out in an unfair fashion, or delays which stem from either incorrectly completed forms, or forms done in a way that require a personal interview or other form of more stringent examination such as a site visit, or background check.

Personal interviews by visa officers for those unprepared visa applicants can become a humiliating experience, approaching an interrogation, especially if an immigration officer suspects falsehoods, stemming from improperly completed forms, or vague supporting documents – even if those falsehoods are entirely unintentional.

Canada’s immigration department is often unforgiving in these types of situations often banning a person from entering Canada after refusing a case which reveals misrepresentation.  Such bans may be overcome if the person receives legal advice after such a negative finding.  Similarly, the best outcome  is more likely if a person obtains professional advice prior to launching an application to enter Canada as a visitor, student, worker, or permanent resident.

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